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David King

Hello and welcome.

I am David King; I specialise in writing online software, solving complex problems and doing good things. My technical skills are broad and well suited to the online space.

I mostly work within the construction and building industry, from Asbestos and Asset Management to Surface Treatment and Offshore Rigs. Get in touch for advice, training or consultancy.

Work Ethic

To produce fantastic software you cannot take your clients' requests on face value.

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." ~ To Kill a Mockingbird

Many programmers will focus solely on a technical problem and fail to interrogate their clients' wishes from a business perspective. I have made it my mantra to continually learn about each clients company as though it were my own.

It is for this reason that I present myself not as a programmer, but as a software engineer with specialist knowledge.

Case Study - NexGen Asbestos

Lucion Environmental Ltd. are an asbestos management company with a national presence in the UK and western Europe. I have worked closely with Lucion since 2011 to create a software solution to help run their business, from the CRM to the final Invoice and all the work in between.

our promotional material explains the system perfectly

You might find this hard to believe, but this system took only 18 months to create. In fact, we had it deployed internally after just 11 months:

3 months
interrogations and planning
5 months
soft launch
3 months
company-wide adoption
3 months
old system turned off
6 months
all processes integrated
The future
we are working on a market-changer!

"It would take us 12 man-years to deliver what David has achieved in just 18 months. I'm astounded" ~ Microsoft Manager

This has been one of my proudest achievements; the system is as complex as the business itself. Thanks to an extended period of planning we've yet to encounter any show-stoppers or major problems along the way.

EDUF - Enough-Design-Up-Front

In the beginning I was given a single, monstrous spreadsheet compiled by internal stakeholders - it was believed that knowing all the variables was enough to create the solutions to their problems. I could have "solved" this spreadsheet with any number of off-the-shelf products, but they had enough of those already!

It became apparent that the problems stemmed from a lack of transparency: each staff member had their own terminology, processes and knowledge - it was difficult to know where responsibility (or blame) lay for any given task.

I meticulously documented all of the problems and issues that we encountered, until I had a true understanding of the company, its dynamics and needs.

Using this list we created a mind-map of problems and interlinked common issues, from this there was a fortnight of paper-hacking, a minimum viable product designed and a long-term vision was formed.

Lucion Environmental Today

We worked tirelessly to remove every painful issue from the company. We now have a single software solution that encompasses almost every aspect of the business:

a simplified view of NexGen functionality