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Designing - Why the 12 column layout is awesome

29 Jun 2011

When designing interfaces for the web, a lot of people use the 960 grid system or something similar as a layout system. Loving numbers as I do, I have π tattooed on my arm after all, I decided to explore the reasoning and logic behind the much adopted 960 system.

The 12 column layout that is core to the system is a highly composite number ie. it has a large number of divisors; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 even columns to be precise - AWESOME. So this means when you go about designing your layout you have a great deal of flexibility and choice - ♥ MATH.

Short and sweet blog today as I am moving into a new apartment! It's a lovely place on Osborne Road in Jesmond, more on that later :-)

Next » I freelance once more!