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The year in food

20 Sep 2011

In roughly chronological order, the most bestest food that I photographed in the past 12 months... Advanced apologies for ensuing hunger :-)

a mega pizza, with everything as a topping
breakfast in bed with a smile, I love you woman!
coast to coast midway treat, consumed with the appetite of a wolf
a Halloween hotpot, no "after" shot cause it got eaten too quickly!
pumpkin soup - this was EPIC, we'll be redoing this as soon as I see a pumpkin in the market
pineapple burger to fit the aussy film "Priscilla Queen of the Desert"
a tarragon / strogonoff hybrid or "tarragonoff" if you will
I made this up as I went and have since lost the recipe :-(
waffles, lots of waffles. with bacon. and coffee. every other weekend
the finest soup in the world (I'm making that tonight actually, might post a recipe 2moz)
litres of stock! we don't waste round these parts!
kippers with grilled tomatoes, my god are this good
and finally a truckload of sushi, thank you Roz for the introduction, I will always treasure the sushi

Photographing food is a bit of an art, the good stuff gets a pic but the great stuff is so mesmorizing you forget to take a snap! There's a few notable missing dishes here; all the desserts, roasts, marinaded meats, ducks, curries... I could go on...

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