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Seminar of sales-ness

23 Sep 2011

Fun fact: when I was 17 I learned from my brother that you can just walk into random lectures at University and people probably wont notice, I did that for a few months and it was awesome. If you're lucky it will be a good lecture :-)

So anyhow, yesterday was rather epic - Richard Lane, sales-dude extraordinaire, got my little neurons fired up about how we communicate and think about sales and after-sales processes and logic. Frankly a lot more than I can cover here (I have work to do) suffice to say it was very insightful, go see the man if you can! Why? This is why:

Some pencil notes from the seminar
My journal writings are often a bit odd, mind I can usually translate them correctly...

Richard's language and presentation style is incredible, he has just made an example sales pitch for NOTHING and I want to buy it. Whatever it is.


One of the things he presented was a concept for sales Qualification called The Magic 35 Qualification Toolkit™, which reminded me of my Leads Profile Radar Diagrams (earlier blog post). So last night with an hour free I decided to knock up a "radar maker" that we can use to generate Lead Profiling diagrams and Magic 35 diagrams.

Ultimately I hope to add more presets for other stages of the sales process to make up:

Hurray for brainwaves!

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