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Ignite Newcastle, subtitle love and sushi

30 Sep 2011

I love Thursdays, I love all days really; there's always something happening to make you smile! Yesterday was no exception, after a good day's graft (I must blog about this contract soon) I popped over to the Codeworks Ignite event to have my neurons tickled and tickled they were!

The first speaker Tristan Watson (a beautiful soul) talked about how an idea is only important once it's been acted on and to my mega joy he used one of my sideprojects as an example!!!

mobile subtitles showing back to the future!
he was so kind about it I did a little blush!

We then watched Dan Gilmore talk about immersive technologies, a new face to me but so passionate! Love it! He sparked the memory of a thought I had as a child; "what would swapping sensory inputs feel like?" - if there's another Ignite event I may ask to talk about this cause it's such a giggle of a thought experiment.

Let the truncation begin - I should be working!!

I had to cut the event short cause to cycle home and make SUSHI!!!! Yes.

Eating Sushi!

I didn't get a shot of everyone; there was no incentive to move away from the food. That's just dumb. That last sushi was named "the loneliest maki", we proceeded to make it some "friends" then eat them too. We all had to lie down and ride it out cause we made soooo much!

Don't forget kids, every night is food night

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