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on working with your Dad :-)

11 Oct 2011

At the tender age of 13, as my friends were picking up paper-rounds I found myself picking up tomes of programming books - for the fun. My favourite hobby was trying to grasp something firmly outside of the normal school experience, programming and physics were the most exciting - there's just so many boggling ideas to transcend!

Going back it makes a lot of sense; my Dad had recently moved from his shared office space in Washington to the spare room at home, as a result a plethora of books made their way back with him; technical guides, exploded isometrics, specsheets, pantone swatches, machine manuals, programming guides, interface conventions and buggerload of the other reference material that he collected over the years. Given my appetite for the extra-curricular I consumed many of these books with a passion - I put them into action when I "interned" for my Dad drawing technical illustrations in Flash 3 (anyone remember that?) for a kids game. Happy times.

Little did I know that it would be the start of a long and enjoyable working relationship; in the past 14 years 10 have been with Pappy King! How lovely is that?

I've been working with him for the past 3 months on a few large projects and I'm enjoying it more than ever! Our combined experience is so complimentary that it was a literal "head nod" and on to business.

Chris 'Kingster' King
3 cheers for Pappy King! He really is a jolly good fellow!

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