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Vote for a weekend app!

27 Oct 2011

It's been decided that on the weekend of the 12th of Nov I shall "scratch the itch" and create something using my nerdy skills - after skimming my Ideas Bucket (a big, daft google doc full of ideas) I have rounded up a few non-too consuming ideas; write me a comment, tweet, wall-post, carrier pigeon etc and let me know what you think I should do!

1 - Revisit oosubs

subs.oodavid.com has only ever been functional for me and Roz (I have to update it manually), over the weekend I will create a backend so that anyone can upload subtitles for films they are going to see; thus the hard-of-hearing community can enjoy the benefit of seeing films anytime.

2 - Write a kids book for a friend "Nelson de craab"

Years ago I came across a story that my good friend Laurie wrote when she was just a sprogg; I promised myself that I would write it up should she ever get preggers. Lets just say she has a BUMP! The story was about a crab who lost his shell and was trying to find it by asking his sea-beastie mates, my memory is missing an ending so I'll have to figure that one out...

3 - Create a digital whiteboard

I have the whiteboard, and I can pimp it to be interactive using hacked together wii parts and open-source software. Why? For awesome presentations of course :-)


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