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New Years Resolutions

02 Jan 2012

I've had such a lovely time this festive season; lots of food, lovely people and a few odd party-games. I hope you've all had a great one too!

At the stroke of midnight I made 3 resolutions*

  1. Bendy
  2. Handy
  3. Teeth

I bet you're thinking "what a weirdo, they're not resolutions", but there's wisdom in the brevity and I assure you they will serve me well!

Instead of "Bendy" I could write "do yoga every week" but what if I don't like yoga? What if pilates is my poison? If I miss a week will I give up? Lets be honest, it's a possibility! By simply saying "Bendy" I can have that running in my mind as a little mantra as I go about my business, it'll seep into the cracks of my year and God help me I will be a bendy man!

What about "Handy" then? Well, right now I really fancy going on a journey into woodworking and most likely that'll be what I end up doing to start with, but as with the "bendy" I'm free to meander into electrics, metalwork etc. etc.

As for "Teeth"... well I haven't been to the dentists in over a decade, my teeth look fine, but I'm pretty sure I need a filling or two...

That's all very well David, what about last years? How did they go?

Well, last year I only made 2 resolutions:

  1. Posture 
  2. Books

Both of which I feel I have made great progress with! Hurrah!

My back and shoulders are looking great, I sometimes catch myself slouching a little but I correct it ASAP. TBH, I didn't really expect this one to be so enjoyable, it's really satisfying being the tallest person at the table (even a shortarse like me can tower over a 6ft something with lesser posture). Brilliant.

As for the books, I reckon I've averaged about 1-per-week for the year. Including the Harry Potter series, lots of Jasper Fforde, a stack of classics and quite a few business books. While my memory is still shockingly bad, I feel I've gained a lot from this one, not-least being that my reading speed is getting better with every book!

With a couple of wins under my belt I feel confident that I will be a well-postured, bendy, well-read handyman with a killer smile.

Some Susho
edit: ths entry looked lonely, here's some festive sushi I made last week.

* all the while smooching my lovely Roz under the mistletoe :-)

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