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Recipe > Mushroom Pâté

08 Jan 2012

Take a peek at tomorrows menu:

Boeuf Wellington on the (chalboard) menu at home

Tasty or what? So yes, I have been charged with the main course of "Boeuf Wellington" aka steak, pâté and pastry. In the fridge there is some most excellent mushroom and liver pâté chilling for tomorrow. It tastes sublime.

Melt the butter in a big pan, add the bacon, shallots and garlic, cook for 3-4 min.

Add the mushrooms and livers, cook until livers are seared (about 5 min for me)

Add the thyme, booze, salt and pepper, cook the booze off. It shouldn't be totally dry, judge the juice:solids ratio based on your existing pâté experiences (about 10 min)

Leave to cool for 15, then food process that bad-boy up! YUM.

Leave in fridge overnight and devour (I read that the paste does well to be sealed with olive oil, so you probably want to do that too)

Serving suggestion: Apply to beef. Top with pastry.

(I'll add photos of the pâté tomorrow. When it's finished)

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