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1DayLater is evolving...

17 Jul 2012

For the past year or so we have been working on building a new 1DayLater from the ground and I'm letting myself get excited about it; this blog post is clearly premature, but what the hey, I want to write a little about what we're doing.

Image showing the evolution of man from amoeba
your 1DayLater is evolving...

Technology Wise

The easiest changes to describe are our technologies, almost every choice made in the original system has been reviewed and (mostly) found wanting. We've really matured the software with this new version and myself as a programmer too; I'm growing ever more comfortable with the iterative development process to the point that I consider a bad day as NOT pushing a new release live.

A lot of this has come from building the NexGen software with Lucion Environmental (more on this another time) suffice to say that when you support a diverse and growing company you see the fruits of your labour almost instantly. If the person in the room next door has a bug and they see it fixed instantly there's gratitude aplenty!

I digress, here's some of the changes we've made on the new 1DayLater... and why

Product Wise

But if you prefer I can quickly explain what we're making:

For example

The idea is that Tony does the MINIMUM amount of admin but gets access to some very valuable information and tools, ie:

Furthermore he can inviate collaborators to log their activities against his Quotes (maybe he hires staff etc.)

Business Wise

Well, we've paid off the business loan, we're financially stable (profitable in fact) and are busy investing in the company. On the financial front we're pretty happy at the moment but (as all businesses should) we want to be very profitable and hire more staff for support and whatnot.

With the new product we spent a great deal of time pondering how to price the product and catch customers at each stage of the curve, this is what we thought:

Last time round the finances were second to the product, this time we've actually gone ahead and designed and implemented our payment pages first. Yup, before the product is even finished; we don't want bugfixes and whatnot getting in the way of our cashflow, after all if 1DayLater wasn't financially viable (for us) those bugfixes and improvements would be worthless as the service would eventually disappear.

Lessons have been learned. I am excited.

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