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My new Office, thanks to Ignite100

02 Apr 2013

Working at home is a mix of awesome and loathsome.

On the plus side there is no commute, I can cook anything I like for lunch (a massive bonus for me), I have peace and quiet, my office toys (projector, sound-system, whiteboard etc) get to be my cinema and party-fodder and my actual toys (mostly nerf guns and puzzles) get to be my distraction while "compiling"...


Negatively speaking you find yourself cracking at the seams for want of good company, even for just a bit of lunchtime craic, there's also the astronomical utility bills and the fact that my lunchtime would regularly drag on for 2 hours - "I started early this morning and will make up for it this evening, I can justify a couple of episodes of X-Files with my lunch." Again.

I think it was this shitty extended winter that did it, but I decided to fire off a tweet for a desk to rent and received a very swift reply from Paul Smith - why yes, I would like to take the last remaining desk in an office full of people I know and admire.

The Ignite100 office is a splendid space in central Newcastle; it houses startup companies on their accelerator program. Successful companies are encouraged to stay in the area and rent space from Ignite. The end result is an ever growing community of likeminded, driven people. They also rent a few desks, boon to me!

Ignite100's business model is simple and exciting, when the penny dropped I felt awed. By keeping hold of these successful businesses they are creating a sort of economical critical mass, and like any large body it will only serve to pull in more and more businesses. Good for their books, good for the region, and good for lonely nerds like me.

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