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Accessible Online Banking Confirmation

01 Jul 2013

When you setup a new recipient online, your bank will ask to jump through a telephonic security hoop to confirm that you aren't a naughty hacker. Quite rightly so.

However this becomes an issue if you have hearing issues, back in August 2011 I had a conversation with @AskLloydsTSB about adding some on-screen instructions detailing the timings of the call as a simple workaround.

They did it within a few hours. I consider this the best piece of reactive design I have ever experienced.

It's no longer suitable

Even though my hearing is fine, I always use the non-hearing approach to make sure that it's still functional. Today it failed me. The automated message has changed and I have realised that the transfer amount also affects the timings.

"TEN PENCE" - a mere moment


The proposal

By sending the 4-digit code to the user via SMS they could enter it on-screen for the same level of security (verifying the user is who they say they are). Furthermore it will be FULLY accessible to the hard-of-hearing community.

Interface-wise we only need one additional page to deal with the SMS instructions and input; there's no need to have an additional screen to choose between SMS and Voice as this choice can be added to the "create new recipient page".

Current User-Experience would be unchanged as Voice is selected by default
Those requiring SMS confirmation get the alternative Confirmation screen
As you can see, the changes would have minimal effect on the interface, and with my experience
as a programmer I'd be confident that the backend logic would be straightforward too.

Addendum: To the LloydsTSB employees reading this; I hope that you take these graphics and arguments, take them to your boss and impress the shit out of them. I don't even care if you pass it off as your brainchild and get a fat rise and employee of the month, if it gets done you will make the hard-of-hearing community proud!

And with that I must bid LloydsTSB Godspeed!

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