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A Workout for Productivity

30 Sep 2013

My friends and more regular readers will know that I used to be part of a startup called happie.st; we made a system that tracked and rewarded activites that make you happy; such as eating well, meditating, being grateful and exercising.

In a funny sort of way, I really miss that company; it might just be that I (still) think the idea is splendid and just badly executed, but the concept struck a cord with me that I'm unwilling to unstrike. Perpetual self-improvement is thoroughly embedded in American mainstream thinking it seems weird that there's barely a market here in the UK.

A few weeks ago I decided to find an equipment-less exercise routine that I could do at home and came across the Biggest Loser Daily Home Workout and have been exercising with this routine every day. And holy moly has it made a difference to my productivity at work!

Since I have a compulsion to research, review and improve on everything; I've ended up tweaking the routine to add some light dumbell exercises, stretches and powerball usage. And I've also knocked up a little widget that scales up the workout with consequitive sessions.

Workout number: maximum!

On day 1 you get the minimum routine (about 10 minutes) and by day 30 all exercises scale up to the maximum I have time to do (about 25 minutes).

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