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Molecule Match, a Game

11 Mar 2014

If you're the type of person that hears "maths" or "science" and starts to have a seizure, chill out dude! This is a game not an exam paper... although I might cold-call you with spot questions when you least expect it.

For about 2 or 3 years I've been toying with a game concept based on molecular structures, I'll give you the massively redacted brainstory:

Fuse those themes together

And you get something that is so impossibly hard to describe, that people run for the hills! And by god I love an up-hill struggle. I'm struggling up that hill to catch the people that run away, so that in my usual upbeat manner I can ramble on at them.

Or I could show a pretty picture...

I actually see little buttons not atoms, but hey, let me enjoy myself.

I've been told this might be an original puzzle dynamic. Which is pretty cool. I'm not omniscient of course, but there's a big empty space in my grey matter where things like this should live.

Wanna play?

I've done a very naughty thing by introducing 3 concepts and then showing a daft gif of some brightly colored gubbins; if you trust me (which you should) you can install a pre-alpha on your phone and have a play. Really, this explains waaaay more than I can be bothered to write on my blog.

EDIT: since writing this article, Molecule Match has evolved into Button Up! and is available to play:

Just have to read more of my bullcroop?

You can read my development log on the TIGSource forums. There's lots there

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