Edit this page on GitHub is a work-in-progress, these are my outstanding tasks.

I don’t need a kanban board… yet

The following are lower priority, and only roughly unsorted


Get some articles on the radar of these chaps:

(skim who they follow, and build up my list)

Automatic Rebuilds?

This snippet will output the date that the site next needs to be rebuilt. I need to:

  1. Get Hugo to output this to a plain file, like _rebuild (link)
  2. Get Netlify to support this feature


{{ range first 1 (where .Data.Pages.ByDate ".Date.Unix" ">" .Now.Unix ) }}
  {{ .Date }}
{{ end }}


When publishing modules, I must be careful to encourage further exploration of my work. A checklist for any new modules would be useful, something like:

Moonshot Goals

To be followed by:

To speak at events